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Article ● Where are we going?

by Joana Teixeira on Jul 08, 2021

Artigo  ● Para onde vamos?

in the follow up of this article, in which we promise news for 2021, here we bring them.

To say that the last two years were full of learning is an understatement.

In these two years, whenever we got up, we fell back to get up again.

It started with the first confinement and all the uncertainty about our future, but soon after we managed to create our online store and things got better.

Then there was the closure of The Therapist by Ubbo, which had opened in January 2020, and the closure of The Therapist by Rodrigo da Fonseca. But we focused on The Therapist by LxFactory and how we could improve all of our processes, menus, staff, communication, everything, and again, we got back up and The Therapist took on a new lease of life.

Then came the second confinement and with it the letter informing us that we would have to leave our space at LxFactory. One more fall, one more opportunity to get back on our feet.

And so appears the new location of Alvalade. An incredible space that would never have been possible if we hadn't had a reason to run all the streets in this neighborhood on foot looking for the ideal place to receive us. We found a space with lots of light, with a terrace and garden for 40 seats, with our shop in the spotlight and with a kitchen capable of satisfying all our innovations. It is located at Rua José D'Esaguy, nº11, and the opening is scheduled for the 30th of August. We can't wait to welcome you there and let's hope you enjoy the space as much as we do.

But you know what?

After all, we also stayed at LxFactory, in another location from August onwards. But that will have to be for another article.