The Therapist

It's more than a project. It is the life mission of someone who left the comfort of nine to five, to promote well-being through more conscious, inclusive and natural food. 

Six years later

We now have a team of dozens of people who genuinely love what they do. And we already do a lot: we serve delicious meals and develop products that we sell in restaurants and in our online store, we share everything we know in our workshops and events and we even have functional nutrition consultations that we give online and in our restaurants.

In addition to the passion that we put into all of our products, our functional chef, in partnership with our nutritionist, always guarantee the functional objectives that we set for ourselves:

  • reset - detoxify the body
  • immunity - strengthen defenses
  • mind - help with mental fatigue
  • power - give energy and muscle strength

All our products are made with real, biological or local ingredients, without refined sugars or dairy and without gluten.

Oh, and you can always count on a good dose of sympathy!