Functional Nutrition is our reason for existing.

If you've never heard of this type of diet, let's try to summarize: we all have different histories, metabolisms and biological rhythms. The aim of this treatment is to make your body work at its best, making you feel good, full and healthy.

Functional Nutrition

It's about giving the body what it needs most.

Functional nutrition aims to prevent and treat metabolic changes through the detection and correction of imbalances that are at the base of the development of diseases. In consultation with our functional nutritionist, your medical history, eating habits, lifestyle, exercise, signs and symptoms, sleep habits and body composition will be evaluated. In view of this assessment, goals and new food plans will be defined. Note that the consultation can be done online (via Zoom or another app) or in person.

Personal Cooking

Adjust meals to your intolerances, needs and routines.

Book a private session with our functional chef, at her home, and learn between 5 and 7 recipes suited to your allergies and intolerances, routines and food preferences. The session lasts from 4 to 6 hours and, at the end, in addition to a handful of answers to the question “what am I going to make for dinner?”, you also get countless tips to use in your eating routine, from simple, practical and nutritious way.

Detox Your Kitchen

Choose the ingredients your body needs.

In a Detox Your Kitchen session, our functional chef goes to your home and analyzes the labels and foods you already consume to tell you which are the best choices, according to your profile. At the end of the session, she is left with a notebook of tips on how to make her shopping list, choose and store fresh products, and how to optimize her time in the kitchen.

Our Nutritionists

Dr. Sumeya Osman and Dr. Joana Pereira

Dr. Sumeya Osman is our Clinical Director and does online functional nutrition consultations. Graduated in Dietetics and Nutrition by ESTSL and certified by WellXPro in Sports Nutrition and by NutriScience in Functional Nutrition. Dr. Joana Pereira is our functional nutritionist and gives our face-to-face consultations in Alvalade. Graduated in Nutrition Sciences from ISCSEM, Master in Clinical Nutrition from FCNAUP and PhD student in Biomedicine from UBI, being a researcher in the field of Nutrition and Fertility, her main area of ​​study and clinical practice.