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Ever heard of Mindful Eating?

Our nutritionist Joana Pereira explains what this term consists of, which can be translated as “eating with mindfulness”, that is, eating with awareness of what you are eating and what happens to your body while you eat. 

It is being able to connect with the sensations of hunger and satiety, identifying the taste of food and enjoying it, becoming aware of the feelings and thoughts that arise in relation to food and our body. 

With the cultivation of mindfulness, we can better recognize and deal with emotional hunger, with episodes of compulsion and with ingrained judgments and guilt, making the relationship with eating lighter and more pleasurable. 

To eat with full attention, it is important that you dine in a calm, tidy environment, without work nearby, that you are grateful for the meal you are going to have, being able to do so, for example, by imagining the path that the food took to reach you, from cultivation on the land, to harvesting, distribution, purchase, preparation and, finally, tasting. 

It is also important, and one of the goals of mindful eating, that when eating calmly and attentively, you enjoy more of the flavors, aromas and textures of food, taking pleasure while eating. 

Do you already practice?

Try it!

For other articles from our nutritionist, see her page on here.

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