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Interview ● Mafalda Pinto Leite

by Joana Teixeira on Mar 04, 2022

Entrevista ● Mafalda Pinto Leite

We have been fans of Mafalda for many years, from her first books that we love, to the creation of MPL, we have always closely followed her work and contribution to a healthier and more balanced life. So, we were super happy when Mafalda agreed to offer all our customers on the 8th of March, a sample of her new launch, the Cosmic Night serum. To get to know this spectacular woman behind the MPL better, we leave here our interview with Mafalda.


Who is Mafalda?

An introverted woman, mother of 4 - who also happens to be a businesswoman. :P


Mafalda has a lot of experience in restaurants. What did you like best and least about working in the kitchen?

I was always lucky because I worked in restaurants that took great care in choosing the ingredients they used. I think that was what gave me the most pleasure: the opportunity to create with super fresh products, always organic and of the highest quality!

What I liked least: I have to say the working hours - and the lack of "life" that comes with those hours.

I have all of Mafalda's books and I've noticed that over the years there has been a greater focus on sharing healthy recipes. Why this evolution? What originated it?

First I have to say that it was not an evolution, because that was always my essence and what I wanted to do! Even because all my training was in this direction.

The point is that when I returned to Portugal, no publisher was interested in talking about or publishing vegetarian or healthy recipes, etc. I think that this growth was the result of greater freedom to be able to share my visions (both in terms of recipes and the aesthetics used to present them). I think this freedom was evolving, perhaps when my name gained some recognition in the area. 


What is your favorite food?

Brown rice with sautéed greens.


What's your guilty pleasure?

Can a brownie be the answer? ahahah


What ingredient can't you dispense with in your kitchen?

Fresh vegetables.


What is MPL Beauty?

A brand of beauty products 100% natural, organic and activated with the power of plants. We never cut corners! 


How did MPL Beauty come about?

I've always been very careful with what I put on my skin and I've always been interested in understanding the origin and ingredients I use. After all, if I've always been so careful with what I eat, how could it be otherwise?

It was when I arrived in Portugal that I realized that it was not so simple to find what I needed. 

I started learning how to produce the products to ensure I was using 100% organic and natural ingredients (no green washing and no lies). 

MPL’beauty came to me and mine and it was only later that I came up with the idea of sharing what I had learned with other women.

Even today I make the formulas and mix the ingredients, with the same care and affection.

Why the concept of beauty from the inside out?

Because it's the only one that makes sense to me. 

Our body functions as a whole and our skin and hair reflect our inner (im)balance. 

It makes no sense to use the highest quality products and not look at what's going on inside. Nor vice versa. 

I believe that true beauty is the one that combines care inside and out and that's why this has always been MPL'beauty's motto.