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Article ● 10 simple habits to be healthier

by Joana Teixeira on Jan 06, 2022

Artigo ● 10 hábitos simples para ser mais saudável

Often, when we want to improve our eating habits, we look for a miraculous solution, something innovative, even before we have the basics well structured, already implemented in our routine. However, the basic is only "basic" when it is already part of our daily lives, when we already do it almost without thinking. Until we reach this point, it is important to be aware of the essential points in which we need to be "pros".

Let's see 10 healthy habits that you should implement daily and that, being basic, are the basis of a balanced diet:

Include soup for lunch and dinner: Have you ever thought about the amount and type of vegetables you eat in a soup and that you probably wouldn't put on your plate? And if you are one of those people who “don’t eat soup because then you can’t eat the whole second course”, remember that this is precisely one of the purposes of soup: to satiate and reduce the portion ingested of the second course, which is usually greater than the need.

Always include vegetables on your plate: try to start by thinking of vegetables as "the main actor" of your dish and not as an accompaniment, a "secondary actor". Give them a prominent role.

Include vegetables in your stews, omelets, rice, oven dishes: make stir-fries with tomatoes, carrots, mushrooms, courgettes; add spinach, tomato, onion to your omelets; make rice from carrots, cabbage, broccoli; add pumpkin, carrots, courgettes to the meat roasted in the oven…

Reduce salt and focus on spices and herbs: coriander, parsley, cumin, fennel, curry, saffron, cinnamon, yerba de Provence, oregano… take a chance!

Eat 3 different pieces of fruit a day: to vary the fruits is to diversify the nutrients ingested.

Eat sea fish: opt for horse mackerel, sardines, mackerel, they are sea fish, affordable and with a low content of heavy metals.

Eliminate processed meats: ham, sausages, charcuterie, bacon…

Increase the frequency of vegetarian meals in your week: The Therapist is the right place to venture out :)

Always choose water: fresh water, flavored water, teas… Avoid juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages

Reduce your sugar intake: opt for fruit as a dessert, replace coffee sugar with cinnamon, avoid cakes and processed products.

    We ended up with a extra habit that seems obvious but less and less people do it: cook! Cook for yourself or for others as well. Cooking is also a way of caring.

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