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Article ● Immune Broth

by Joana Teixeira on Nov 18, 2021

Artigo ● Caldos Imunitários

With the change in temperature and the arrival of the cold, there are also colds, coughs and flu and that moment when we know that we must pay even more attention to our immune system.

Preparing broths is a way to warm up the body and take care of our health, so that we can concentrate nutrients, add superfoods and enrich our food with fermented foods, such as miso.

Some precautions are important when preparing an immune broth so that we can actually enjoy these benefits:

  1. Start by adding the vegetables you like the most, or even keep the skins, stalks and ends to prepare the broth, as they will be dispensed after cooking. Anything goes: broccoli stalks, carrots, courgettes, onion spikes and skins, leek leaves, cabbage stalks, parsley or coriander stalks, mushroom stalks and pieces, ginger pieces…
  2. To further enrich the broth, use spices, which, in addition to being tasty, help a lot in digestion, heating and in various body functions. The anti-inflammatory duo of turmeric and black pepper, cumin, nutmeg,... Or we can add ingredients like reishi or cordeps which are mushrooms that serve to further increase the power of this immune broth.
  3. Start by adding a small amount of oil to the pan, quickly sauteing the vegetables.
  4. Then add water and the spices you want, and then, when they are boiling, reduce the heat and cook for 40 minutes to 1 hour on a low heat.
  5. Then drain the vegetables and place the stock in the pot. With the heat already turned off, add a spoonful of miso, this fermented and magical ingredient that must always be added at the end and must not be boiled. That's because it contains probiotics, which are live bacteria that improve our intestinal health as a whole. As they are alive, they must not be heated!

With your broth ready, enjoy this moment and consume focusing on your health and vital energy!

And if you are too lazy to prepare your own broth, or would like to taste ours, pay us a visit at The Therapist de Alvalade or at LxFactory, where you can taste our Ramen made with miso broth. We are waiting for you!