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Article ● 3 myths about "detox"

by Joana Teixeira on Jun 15, 2021

Artigo  ● 3 mitos sobre "detox"

Here today we bring three myths about diets "detox". 

1. Make a detox it's a quick way to "get back into place"

Often used when we have some important events, like a wedding or that beach party full of top models, you detox do not work miracles for those who do not have a healthy lifestyle normally. Think of it like this: it's the same as brushing your teeth every day and making a checkup at the dentist twice a year, just to make sure everything is fine. We advise the "detox": maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the year and use one of our RESET KITS to give that boost extra body detox. Our RESET alone does not work miracles, especially in cases where the lifestyle is unhealthy.


2. You will feel horrible during your RESET

Ours RESET KITS were developed by a certified functional nutritionist in partnership with our functional chef, to guarantee the right amount of nutrition, hydration and satiety, in a controlled period of time. Therefore, there is no reason to feel bad during a RESET KIT . Obviously, each case is different and in specific situations where the amount of food consumed daily is higher than recommended, you may feel some hunger, but nothing that impacts your daily life. 


3. The detox only happens with a liquid diet

It is not necessary to go on an exclusively liquid diet to achieve the body's detoxification goal. It can obviously help the body to rest from the digestion of solid foods, but if you don't bet on food intake to balance your organism, you miss the goal halfway through. In the case of our RESET KITS what we do is use foods that they potentiate the functions of the liver, kidneys and lungs, organs responsible for detoxifying the body. These foods can come in liquid or solid form.


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