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POSTPONED ● The Therapist ● Healthy Kids Meals ● Workshop

by Joana Teixeira on Nov 09, 2020

ADIADO  ●  The Therapist ● Refeições Saudáveis Kids ● Workshop

On November 28, Saturday, from 10 am to 12:30 pm, we will learn to make 5 practical and tasty lunches for the little ones.

Ana Isabel Monteiro, author of the Orange-Lima Nutrition page, comes to show us that the little ones' lunches do not have to be a headache. We want simple recipes, with contrasting colors, textures and flavors to delight and excite them. 

The workshop will be done entirely online through the Zoom platform and you can receive the ingredients at home the day before or the day or buy your ingredients.

Seats are limited as we want to accompany everyone who joins us virtually. Subscribe now on here.

Price without ingredients: 30 €
Price with ingredients: 40 € (delivery included)

Ana Isabel Monteiro is a nutritionist and author of the page Lime Orange Nutrition, where she shares 100% vegetable recipes and nutrition tips daily. He loves simple and tasty recipes, but with a "what" of sin from time to time ... Because balance is everything.