RESET 2023 Plan ● 1 to 3 Day Liquid Detox Meal Plan

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Our RESET programs were specially developed by our functional chef in partnership with our nutritionist with the aim of cleaning and at the same time nourishing the body, helping the functioning of the intestine and the lymphatic system and promoting a reduction in volume.

Consisting of 3 soups, 2 juices or kombuchas, 1 shot and 1 mini blend per day, you can choose to make one, two or three days that will be delivered in the Lisbon area from Monday to Thursday, from 9:00 am to 11:00 am or from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, by appointment.  orders with 24 to 48 working hours of before.

They also have access to exclusive content such as a playlist by If Sung, relaxation and detoxification rituals Tamara Castelo, fengshui tips for your home by the hands of Anne Sophie, facial massage by Cátia Curica da Organs, a video about kombucha with Maria de that kombucha , a yoga class with Vera Simões from Ashtanga Cascais and an ebook to be able to continue with your RESET even after finishing ours. Each day you have access to new content and new soups and tasty juices to go with it. Each kit contains over 50 natural ingredients, packaged in reusable glass, made the day before delivery to ensure maximum freshness and the highest nutritional support.


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