Pack de Blends Total Boost The Therapist
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Pack Total Boost de Bends do The Therapist


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Product description

Discover the power of our FUNCTIONAL BLENDS with our TOTAL BOOST PACK.

This pack has been carefully developed to offer a complete approach to well-being, with Blends of different functional objectives to meet your specific needs.

When you buy this pack you receive 5 blends of which 1 blend is an OFFER! Please note that this is aLIMITED EDITIONto existing stock.

The pack includes:

  • ANXIETY BLEND: relax and calm your mind with natural ingredients that help reduce anxiety and stress, working as a natural supplement for anxiety.
  • BLEND IMMUNITY:Strengthen your immunity with this powerful blend of natural and anti-inflammatory ingredients.
  • BLEND DETOX: purify your body and eliminate toxins, while reducing the feeling of bloating, with this natural detox.
  • BRONZE BLEND or ANTI-AGING BLEND: choose between a healthy and long-lasting glow with our bronze blend or combat the signs of premature aging, enhancing your natural beauty, with our anti-aging blend full of antioxidants and vegan collagen.
  • BLEND LIBIDO or BLEND TRAINING: do you prefer to boost your energy in the gym or in bed? :P Improve your vitality with our libido blend or our training blend.

Experience the difference in 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan blends without any added chemicals! A daily dessert spoon is enough to feel better every day!

Take advantage of this LIMITED EDITION!

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