BLENDS Beauty Edition 200g ou 60g

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Ours blends are mixtures of superfoods that enhance the different functional objectives: mind, reset, immunity and power. Ideal soluble mixes to flavor your smoothies, color your morning pancakes, create different salad dressings or just to mix with milk or vegetable drink.

This blend was specially developed with the aim of strengthening hair and nails, combating aging, giving elasticity to the skin and balancing hormones. 

Composition: red fruits, Peruvian maca, cinnamon, ashwanganda, beetroot and vegan collagen. 

Consumption suggestion: 1 dessert spoon diluted in 200ml of vegetable milk.

The blend can come in a small 60g bottle which is enough for around 20 uses or the medium 200g bottle which is enough for around 70 uses.


Name: powdered soluble drink

Weight: 200g or 60g

Validity: up to 3 months after production

Store in a cool, dry place.

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