Eggs - Half a Dozen
The slow fermentation bread that we use on our bruschettas.
Organic olive oil
Organic olive oil - 250g.
Organic chickpeas
Organic chickpeas - 500g.
Farinha de Arroz Bio 500g / Organic Rice Flour 500g
Utilizamos esta farinha de arroz para fazer os nossos bolos sem gluten.   We use this rice flour to make our amazing...
Quinoa 500g
Quinoa is a great source of vegan protein and B vitamin and is considered one of the best cereals in terms of...
Organic Lentils 500g
Organic lentils, rich in carbohydrates, ideal for weight loss diets and which we normally use in our Mejadra dish. Comes in 500g...
Red Beans
Red Beans
Organic dried red beans - 500g.
Whole Organic Rice
Organic whole rice - 500g.
Bio Coconut Sugar 200g
Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener obtained from coconut sap strong in zinc, potassium and calcium and inulin, a fiber that can...
Dairy free "milk"
from €1,70
Dairy free "milk"
Our vegan drinks of oat, rice, soy, coconut or almond. We use these to mix it on our hot drinks such as...
from €1,90
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