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The Therapist is born from a desire to change, to help those in need, to leave the world better that we found it when we got here. Exagerated? Maybe. But we rather say we're in love with what we're doing.

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A different school.

Different from the schools we’ve seen and went to.
One can say that The Therapist School is kind of a school of life. An approach to all sorts of topics with one common goal: learn what they haven’t teach us at our school. From healthy cooking, to hanging pictures on a wall, meditations, time management, breastfeeding, team work…. These are some of the subjects that are going to be lectured here at our school.

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+ - Fast Reading Workhsop

Speed Reading Workshop


17 January - 10am to 1pm



On our Speed Reading Workshop we’ll improve the reading speed at the same time we increase our ability to memorize information.

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Because we believe that the way we eat is essential to our good health, at The Therapist you can wait for your appointment (or recover from it) at our Ambulatory – a relaxed venue with healthy and organic food.

If you still haven’t decided which therapy you’re going to choose or if you just don’t have to much time, please stop by anyway and try one of the best healthy café that our city has to offer.


Have you thought where you’re having your next team meeting? Or just a friends party? Or the launch of a new product? At The Therapist we have rooms for private events, organic and healthy catering, short courses adjusted ti your company needs and even therapies, in case you want to give a relaxing time to your guests.

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The Therapist is born from a desire to change, to help those in need, to leave the world better that we found it when we got here.

Exagerated? Maybe. But we rather say we’re in love with what we’re doing.

Chinese Medicine

Not just acupuncture. Chinese Medicine is more than that: from acupuncture, to natural medicine, moxabustion, tui na, and other tools to restore the body’s vital energy. Sounds confusing? For us it’s really clear, so nothing like booking a consultation with our therapists.


Life Coaching

By gaining consciousness of our thoughts and repeating actions that impact on our quality of life, we learn how to make efective decisions that transform the way we live.


This ancient medicine, less common in Portugal, can give you back your physic and emotional balance. From stress, to allergies, to circulation problems, Ayurveda is a natural way to solve most of your problems.

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Quantum Therapy

A computer scans the patient like an anti-virus software does to your computer, detecting viruses, bacteria, fungus, allergies, illness, weaknesses, and other pathologies and sends electromagnetic waves to the patient body eliminating these stress factors and restoring its balance. It’s painless, non invasive and very safe.


Bibliotheraphy The Therapist & Ler Devagar

The most innovative of our consults, it’s the prescription of books as a way of therapy and can be used in all ages, with no side effects.
A literary remedy that can be used by it self or as a compliment of other therapies.
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